how you can help us


Our plan for 2019.


We have had to move our goal post to Spring of 2019  because of our other work commitments. The plan for 2019 is the same as before, to find and collaborate with two other artists with varied styles to come back to Thanedhar to paint the local village school with the help of the children and the local community.  For this trip we would like to spend more time working with the children and the community to help open their eyes to new ways to express themselves. Nurturing the joy in the children is what this project is about!

For 2019, however we cannot fund the project ourselves and we need to ask for help and support from sponsors as well as private donations from people like you. All money donated will go directly into this project to help empower this community.

We need to secure funds to provide the artists with airfare to Delhi, as well as art supplies like spray paint, acrylic vinyl outdoor paint, brushes, ladders, a projector and other tools the artists would need, in addition to covering transportation costs to India, transportation from Delhi to the foothills of the Himalayas.

Here is a breakdown of items needed. If you want to donate items please do get in touch.

  1. Ladders x2 (Expanding steel stable ones)

  2. Portable Projector

  3.  Water Based White and Black Paint

  4. Apex Paint Clear (to treat the exterior wall surface)

  5. Spray Paint Cans (Blue Flame range) At least 76 probably x2

  6. Water Based Paints various colours (at least 40 litres)

  7. Exterior Paint Brushes (good quality)

  8. Montana Level 1 Spray Caps

  9. 3M Spray Paint /Dust Mask respirator x3

  10. Water Based Emulsion to protect the art from the elements.

If you cannot donate individual items please do donate money to help us out.
Please know that ALL donations will go 100% to the community.


We will be setting up a crowdfunding project as well later in 2018 to help us gather support. 
As soon as we are ready we will be sure to let everyone know through our social media platforms.

Over the long term, our plan for the future is to help empower the women of the area through joint collaborations as well, possibly using the mediums of knitting or weaving. We are also aiming to make the village a hub for hosting professional workshops, allowing them to bring in passionate artisans to share and teach their skills to the local community, as well as offering the opportunity to foster the talent of up and coming creatives/new talent around India.